Tahani Group is an import and export company for food products, in particular palm oil (RBD palm oil, RBD soy oil), dairy products (sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and milk powder), Chadian beans and sesame, in addition Arabic Gum and dates

Based in N'Djamena, Chad, with sales offices in Africa and the Middle East, we are currently exporting oil products and powdered milk to several African, Asian and European countries.

We have a distinguished sales service and direct communication team with a unique background capable of communicating in several languages, namely English, French, Arabic, and Malay in addition to some local languages ​​in Africa.

We work with a distinctive slogan for all of our customers, which we can shorten the provision of the required product with full satisfaction and quality

Our Vision:

By 2025, we aspire to be the most reliable producer and exporter of palm oil and dairy products from Malaysia and Africa

Our message

To be the best model to the client, and strive to be the attractive company in the field of import and export for all local and international investors, through our innovative service and our high credibility, achieving the best value for our shareholders, and contributing to the development of our country with pride and pride