Sesame and Chadian beans

An annual herbaceous plant known as sesame. The sesame crop is one of the important oilseed crops in addition to its role in the human diet, either directly as a seed of oxytate, it is the basis for many food industries that enter into its manufacture, such as the manufacture of various sweets.

Sesame seeds are rich in oil, as their percentage ranges between 84-06%. Its oil is distinguished by its good taste and stability of its characteristics, and the possibility of preserving it for a long period of time before it rinses because it contains the compounds of siamol, cetamolin and siamine, which are anti-oxidant, in addition to the ease of manufacture and purification. Sesame oil is used in the manufacture of tahini, halva, and its grains are used in the manufacture of bread and sweets, in the manufacture of soap, antioxidants, cosmetics and many pharmaceutical preparations