Palm oil

Palm oil is a refined vegetable cooking oil with high quality 100% palm oil. It is rich in the following vitamins A, D and E (and free of cholesterol)

• RBD palm oil is the liquid portion produced by fractionation of the palm fruit after crystallization at controlled temperatures. It is especially suitable for frying and cooking. It is commonly used for home cooking, frying and salads. RBD palm oil is cholesterol-free and contains vitamins A, D and E. It has a high stability of oxidation and is malnourished health with a balanced formula



  • CP10 (IV56)
  • CP8 (IV56, IV58)
  • CP7 (IV58)
  • CP6 (IV50, IC62)


Packing pet Bottles

Packing Jerry Cans

Metal Packing

250ml x48 pet Bottles 3Lx 6 Jerry cans 18L Tin
500ml x24 pet Bottles 4Lx 4 Jerry can 200L Drum
500ml x30 pet Bottles 5Lx 4 Jerry can  
1L x12 pet bottles 8L Jerry can  
2L x 6 pet bottles 10L Jerry can  
3L x 6 pet bottles 18L Jerry cans  
5Lx 4 pet bottles 20L Jerry cans  
  25L Jerry cans  
  200L Drum plastic  
  21.5 L Flexi tank